• Prostar Battery Cabinet C-16

Prostar Battery Cabinet C-16

  • Производитель: Prostar
  • Модель: C-16
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • $375.00

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Prostar Battery Cabinet C-16

Prostar battery cabinet is the perfect solution for creating additional space by replacing sealed lead  acid battery, or when there is a need for a maintenance free, long lasting, self-sufficient battery back-up  solution. The cabinet comes pre-wired from the factory, ready to install. Its modular design permits  more than one battery cabinet to be mounted side by side on the same wall. Each module holds up to 40pcs 100Ah lead acid battery.

The battery cabinet is a standalone independent cabinet that provides backup power at 12V/48V/96V/192V/384V DC nominal to a pair of triplet racks in the event of an AC outage in the data center. The batteries are a sealed 12 volt DC nominal, high-rate discharge type with a 10 year lifespan, commonly used in UPS systems, connected in a series of four elements for each group (called a string), for a nominal string voltage of 48VDC. There are five strings in parallel in the cabinet.

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